Prudential Audit

The scope and strict requirements involved in conducting a prudential audit are very exacting and we are proud to be able to offer this service to our clients.

Our licence permits us to carry out the prudential audit of asset managers and representatives of foreign collective investment schemes, as well as to perform the special application audit for a firm seeking accreditation. We cannot however provide both these services to the same client. 

In the case of a prudential audit of a FINMA regulated entity this means that we may perform both the audit of the financial statements and the special FINMA regulatory audit at the end of your financial year.

As well as a report to your Board of Directors and Shareholders, our prudential report is issued to the Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority, FINMA.

In addition, we conduct anti-money laundering and code of conduct audits for members of Swiss self-regulatory organisations ("SRO"s).

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