Our Team

Our clients' interests come first and we are committed to building long term relationships and delivering a high standard of service to ensure that our clients' needs and expectations are met.

Our employees are an integral part to the overall success of our business and we value their dedication and hard work.

Our team of multi-lingual accountants and consultants allow us to timely assemble the right team to serve our clients. Our people are experienced practitioners in their field of expertise and cover the areas of importance to the asset manager in Switzerland: 

Our size allows us to quickly build flexible teams to respond adequately to the evolving demands of our customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us at info@amaudit.ch

Samuel Bardi Director

Samuel specialises in audit activities and internal auditing.

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Samuel, Swiss Chartered accountant, gained extensive audit experience with one of the big four accountant firms where he was a banking auditor accredited by the FINMA. With over 18 years’ experience in the audit sector, he continues to specialise in external and internal audits.

He has a degree in Economics and Commerce from the Geneva University. He teaches financial instruments accounting and derivatives at the Swiss Academy of Chartered accountants and is a member of the Geneva Committee of Chartered Accountants.

Glen Millar Director

Glen Millar has been with ASMA since its foundation in 2011 and was with the Kinetic Partners group since 2007.

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Glen Millar, a Chartered Management Accountant, is responsible for the coordination of our services across the offices of ASMA in Switzerland and takes a lead on outsourced compliance mandates. He has written articles and presented at seminars on matters relating to asset management in Switzerland.

Michael Ruchenstein Director

Michael Ruchenstein, Swiss audit expert, has specialised in audit and compliance services with Beret AG since 1999 with particular expertise in the banking and asset management sector.

Sandro Prosperi Director

Sandro Prosperi, accounting expert in the banking sector, led Deloitte's Lugano practice between 2006 and 2013 where he has specialised in many mandates of internal and external audit, corporate governance and compliance. 

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